Dr Kunal Patel of Love Teeth Dental Practice looks at how introducing tooth-whitening can improve your business.

This article demonstrates how a dental practice can offer orthodontics where only limited patient treatment is required.

A. This should be a subject that all staff understand and are trained in. 

A. There are several ways to try and attract new patients on a low budget. These will be dependent on each individual practice, its circumstances and the practice budget.

A. Hand hygiene is an integral part of preventing infection in clinical practice. Dental practices have a duty of care to ensure it is managed in accordance with current guidelines:

A. There are many ways that your practice takes matters of equality, diversity and human rights seriously. These can be broken down into various categories within a practice management system, including; affects on patients, staff, premises and general day to day management issues.

A: The Health Care Associated Infections (HCAI) code of practice makes it a requirement that an individual is given the responsibility for infection control and decontamination.

A. There are many ways to collect patient feedback, and it may be that a combination of them may work better for your practice.

A. When obtaining informed consent from a patient (providing that they are able to make an informed decision and do not lack mental capacity),...

A. We all know that when patients Do Not Attend (DNA) it is very disapointing for everyone. If the practice doesn’t make any money from missed appointments, it has a knock-on effect on everybody.

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