Free article: Whiten teeth to brighten your business

Dr Kunal Patel of Love Teeth Dental Practice looks at how introducing tooth-whitening can improve your business.


  • Introducing tooth-whitening can be an effective strategy for dental practitioners looking to expand their business.
  • Practices should take care to choose a whitening product that will suit the dental practice’s vision and needs and meet patients’ needs.
  • Choosing a tooth-whitening company that provides support, for example with quality whitening trays and what toothpaste to recommend to patients, will leave dentists’ time free to focus on treatments.
  • Using a tooth-whitening company that has a strong brand and effective marketing is the most efficient way of introducing this treatment to patients.

Tooth-whitening has become more popular in the UK in the last several years. People are far more exposed to whitening products and, as a result, they are coming to associate a bright smile with good oral health and good looks. Many people are now content with a brighter smile, rather than investing vast amounts of money in getting corrective orthodontics or restorative dentistry.

As such, tooth-whitening has the potential to be an effective strategy for dental practitioners looking to expand their business. By integrating this service into your practice, and making patients aware of their options, you can increase revenue, establish a strong patient–practitioner relationship and enhance your own brand.

But it pays to be diligent. The market has been inundated with many different whitening products over the years. So the decision about which product will suit your vision and your needs – and, more importantly, your patients’ needs – should not be made lightly. Doing a little research into what different companies are prepared to offer is crucial in ensuring that you will get not only a product you trust to provide great results, but also a company you can rely on to support and promote you.

Indeed, there are many tooth-whitening companies out there that will simply sell you their product and leave you to do the rest. That means you would have to find a reputable laboratory to make your whitening trays, which must be of good quality and a reasonable, sustainable price. You would also have to decide what toothpaste to suggest to patients who experience sensitivity, and determine how best to market the new service to ensure it meets its potential. This can all be a bit of a nightmare; dentists have a great many things on their plate as it is, without having to figure all of this out too.

The best approach, therefore, is to find a company that will work directly with you to ensure you get the best out of your new whitening service. There are several important considerations that you should take into account.

Guaranteed results

If you want your patients to spend their money on tooth-whitening, you need to assure them that it will work. This means selecting a product that will achieve the results your patients desire. By doing this, you can strengthen the bond of trust between you and your patients – improving their compliance and encouraging them to recommend your practice to others.


Unless you choose to up-sell your tooth-whitening products (which is not a tactic that many patients will appreciate) you will need to think carefully about how to market the services you provide. Choosing a company that has a strong brand and effective promotion is often the best way to do this, since you will not have to invest much effort into marketing the product yourself. With the backing of a company that understands what patients want – and how Tooth-whitening fits into a modern dental practice – you will be able to make the most of your whitening options and maximise the return. It’s also beneficial to be able to offer a single whitening system to your patients – one that you trust to be effective – as this gives your service a clear direction and avoids patients getting confused by different brands and advertisements.


Choosing a company that offers dedicated training can make a real difference to the success of your tooth-whitening options. By ensuring that your entire team knows how the product works and the side-effects that patients might experience, you can provide a well-rounded service to patients when they come into the practice with questions.

Inclusive service

A company that can provide all of this – effective marketing, a quality product, and dedicated support – will become much more than simply your tooth-whitening supplier; it will become a partner in your business. This will benefit you both – and help you to provide a service that your patients can trust and recommend.

As tooth-whitening becomes more popular in the UK, dental professionals can make the most of the trend and increase their business success significantly. However, you will only achieve this by choosing a tooth-whitening product that you can trust. With the backing of a company that provides exceptional marketing support, training and a consistent and inclusive service, you can gain the trust of your patients and grow your business potential.

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